Stormwater Fee Effective July 1, 2016

As part of the Clean Water Act, Park City now has a State mandate to mitigate the pollutants from Park City's runoff that can contribute to our watershed.

We are taking this opportunity to expand our current commitment to improving water quality and being stewards of our natural environment through the creation of a Stormwater Utility. This new Utility will allow the City to provide expanded services without detracting from any of the existing services provided to our residents.

Customers will see fees for the Stormwater Utility beginning in July 2016.

 Click here for our Single-Family Residential Stormwater Rate Map

Stormwater System

The Park City stormwater system includes 39 miles of piping, 31 miles of earthen channels and over 1,600 inlet boxes to divert water, preventing flooding and property damage throughout the city. It collects much of our snowmelt and rain water and delivers it to Silver and McLeod Creeks.

Spring Runoff Info

In the event of above average spring runoff the Public Utilities Crews will ramp up to provide coverage during the peak flows each day until the threat has passed.

Sand bags are available at Public Works, 1053 Iron Horse Drive.


In anticipation of possible flooding, Park City Municipal Corporation is prepared to respond to major flood emergencies. Additionally, Park City will keep on hand a number of sandbags both fill and unfilled which are available for use by Park City residences and businesses.


Sandbags are available at the Park City Public Works front desk: 

1053 Iron Horse Drive
Monday - Friday 8:00 am -5:00pm

After hours and weekends the Streets On-call person can be notified via Park City Police Department at 435-615-5500


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